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Milky zone


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RUST defined

Our server is for both competitive and casual players alike. We are a community focused server, with players ranging in both skill and age. We have active and fair admins. Whether it’s raiding, PvP, building or farming, we welcome you to our server. Join our server today are start your brand new Rust experience.

Milky zone 1.5x

1.5 Loot 1/2 Upkeep



Milky zone 3x

3.0x Loot 1/2 Upkeep


Currently Bi-Weekly

NO BP wipes

Our servers only BP wipe when forced or voted upon by players. Forced BP wipes are periodic and cannot be circumvented. These wipes are dictated by Facepunch. We cannot do anything to avoid these. Player voted wipes are done via our discord.

Join our community discord

Join our Discord to get in touch with our community. In our Discord you can meet new & veteran players. We conduct Map Voting and Giveaways on our Discord. Any announcements and update will be posted there for you to see. Watch the discord for Donor Store Sales and other special suprises.

Check out our donor store ranks and packages